Finding Balance

Did anyone else notice how quickly 2013 flew by? <loud whizzing noise as the year zooms past>

It did for me, at least. I think some people are saying that it really was faster, or that the days were shorter – there are some pretty crazy theories, but the point is that it passed us by without looking back. No second chances on last year, just first chances for this year.

The family dynamic has changed rapidly in the past few years, so, this year especially, I’ve been trying to make a point to work on each relationship. Happy family = happy life.

  • I work with/for my Dad, and when our schedules match up, we go shooting at the range. He recently bought me a workout tank that says, “EXERCISING MY RIGHT TO BARE ARMS” and every time I wear it I get compliments. ;-) I’d like to do more, but with the hours I work I think I end up spending more time with him than anyone else.
  • Mom and I sew every Tuesday afternoon and go to classes together at our new gym. We work out the dinner menu every week and schedule fun shopping sprees! Because my mom is the only member of the family with whom I don’t work, I want to make sure I put in time with her when I’m off. ♥
  • My brother (Peter) and I live across the hall, and have that kind of hallway relationship where you nod on your way into the bathroom, you wave on your way downstairs, you keep your distance while quietly acknowledging their existence. It’s a separate relationship than when we’re downstairs or at work, in the real world. We still sing and play duets, go on random late-night drives, take silly pictures, and are the only ones in the family that appreciate kombucha. We are almost too much of a team. :-)

It’s only been a month, but we’ve been busy and life is good! We (the four of us Squicciarini’s) are finally functioning as a unit - 
really working together. I think we were thrown off for a while when all the siblings got married [bam! bam! bam!] one after the other, but now I think we’re back on track and really settling comfortably into the “all-American” family life that we must accept is the new norm. We’ve found our balance.

be smarter

As promised on our last podcast of the year, I’m posting my resolutions for 2014 publicly, so I have to complete them.

Here’s the thing: I really had some trouble coming up with resolutions for 2014, and that concerns me a little because it makes me think that I must think there’s nothing to work on! Which is certainly not the case. :-P There are a lot of tiny things to be done, but they’re not all “goals”, per se, and they’re definitely not all S.M.A.R.T.

It’s a really good idea to make S.M.A.R.T. goals because a S.M.A.R.T. goal is designed to be reached. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound. If you follow these guidelines it’s basically a shoe-in. :-) Some people say, “I’d like to go to the gym more.” and then never really do because “more” is relative. They haven’t made it easy for themselves at all. There’s no impetus behind it, no definition, no rules. So here are my resolutions for the year 2014:

My S.M.A.R.T. goals:
Buy a car (actually this was a goal for 2013, but that did not happen.)
Read the bible portion every week (this has always been my goal it just slips through the cracks so easily).
Cook at least twice [preferably thrice] a week.
Post once a month.
Write and record new music – ideally every 2-3 months.
Publish my photography site and shoot at least once a month.

Not so S.MA.R.T. goals:
Read more.
Work on character flaws.
Do something that scares me more often.
Keep family relationships healthy and happy.
Find a way to make the company (Quo Vadis Inc.) more efficient, productive, and organized.

Alrighty then! That looks good to me – I resolve to hold myself accountable to these goals and try my hardest to complete each and every one of them.
I’d like to encourage you all to make resolutions of your own (even if you don’t really do anything for the new year, now is as good a time as any to examine your life and make some changes!), and be sure to write them down. That way it’s binding, and you can reference it easily. Make S.M.A.R.T. goals this year. Finish them this year.

I believe it is in our power to make every year better than the last – it’s a big blank canvas and we’re all starting fresh so make the best of it!