BIG NEWS: Our wonderful brother just got married (YES) to an even more wonderful woman!!

To all the moms out there who had high hopes for their own daughters, I’m sorry but the position has already been filled.

I saw the joy on my brother’s face spread like contagion around the room as he watched his bride enter and join him under the chuppah, and I reflected on this post he wrote a while back called “This Post Is Not About Love”. Go ahead and read it.

Guess he ‘loves’ her.

I’m not going to go into any details about Pete, Laura, how they met, or the wedding, because you have other resources:
Julianna wrote about meeting Laura here. And then again about the tying of the knot here.
The wedding hashtag was #WeddingOfLights.
You can easily follow [read: stalk] their lives (like I do) as publicized on Twitter/Instagram if you search for @stripedpajamas273 and @laurdvark.

And because I know you all want to see them, here’s a picture I took this Fall:


Peter was, and is probably still ‘in love’ with Laura…but the important thing is he ‘loves’ Laura.
P.S. We all love her too!
P.P.S. In a different way…but still just as important. 🙂


it’s okay to be selfish

I know I know, you’re thinking, “When is it ever a good thing to be selfish?”

I’m a perfectionist. I like to be the best, I like to do it exactly right, just as the teacher said. I like to be the class-favorite, the one who’s good at what she does. It’s a pride thing, and I fully admit to that.

Sometimes, I find myself worrying so much about what other people are going to think that I forget about myself. Even when I’m feeling like my heart will explode, or I’ll throw up, or my legs will give out, I suck it up and work harder simply because I want to impress whoever is there. I need to slow down and remind myself to take care, to give it a break. My mother is constantly reminding me not to overdo it – she’s right, it’s not healthy, mentally or physically.

In a yoga class recently, I realized I was focused so much on what my teacher would think of me that I had stopped thinking about myself! In many areas of life (but in yoga especially) it is all about YOU. Not anyone else, no competition, just YOU. I realize that this is an unusual situation since normally our lives are focused on serving and bettering others. This is an exception that helps prove the point…

A friend of mine said, “Always give the best you have that day to give. But that doesn’t mean you have to be the best!”

It’s so true! The best you have to offer is just that – YOURS. It’s yours to give, yours to show. We do our very best, not for everyone else to see or notice, but for ourselves! To push us, to keep moving, to grow.

Be selfish with your best. 🙂