The End Continues, with a Sneak Peek!

I felt an additional post was needed to answer one of the comments on my summation of the trip. Those were HIGHLIGHTS, narnia95. As I said, we had to save the really good stories for our book, which is currently in pre-publication. We’re aiming for a 1 Dec release date…

Just to generate some interest, here’s a preview of our chapter titles:

  1. An Unplanned Destination: NYC!
  2. Our Enjoyable 12-hour Flight: the Man Who Sat On Our Feet and Wouldn’t Leave, the Infant Next to Me, and a Lack of Good Movies
  3. Can It Get Any Worse?
  4. Swimming In Slime at the Dead Sea Spa
  5. A Rude Awakening to the Fact that we are Climbing Mountains
  6. We Revere Steven Lancaster, Respect Daniel Lancaster, and Admire Boaz Michael
  7. Becoming Friends with the Staff at our Jerusalem Hotel
  8. Calling Home: the Most Expensive Phone Call I’ve Ever Made
  9. What A Relief to See a Familiar Face: the Visit From Joshua Spurlock
  10. Tough Love: It’s a Wonder We’re Still Alive
  11. Dogs in the Lobby: Arriving at our Tiberias Hotel
  12. Tan and Toned: Results of Spending 2 Weeks Hiking Outside
  13. Preparing to Leave: Just as We’ve Adjusted to the Culture, Climate, and Conditions
  14. Are We There Yet? The 22-hour Journey Home
  15. The Queen City Welcomes Us Back

What do you think? Best-seller? 😉


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