10,000 and Tripendicular!

The goal has been reached – we have had 10,000 views on our blog!!  Thank you for your faithful reading.  We appreciate it very much.

Now, about two weeks ago, I asked for ideas with regard how to celebrate this milestone.  Creativity was never a strong point with most of our readers, that’s for sure.  But we did get a few suggestions.  Which brings me to our invitation: we will be hosting an Open House blog party, complete with gourmet viands, here at The Residence from 7:00-9:42pm tonight (10,000 seconds).  I know it’s impromptu, but the Squicciarini family is nothing if not famous for being spontaneous 😀  We hope you will drop by.  And remember that an extra perk will be spending time with the newly-returned International Travelers, and getting to view pictures and hear funny stories.

On a different note, when we particularly like something or someone (like Maggiano’s, or our Uncle Fred), we do a Round Table List.  Morgan created this concept; it stems, of course, from the Knights of the Round Table, and the equality associated with that legend.  We sit at a table (and no, it doesn’t have to be round), and pass around a paper or notebook on which we make a list of all the things we love about the subject.  Per a suggestion from a valued reader of our blog, we have done a Round Table List on Mr. Rick Hergenreter:

What’s so cool about Mr. Hergenreter?

  1. One word: military.
  2. Deadpan humor
  3. Gives hugs
  4. No memory whatsoever
  5. Has a pretty great family…not to mention being like the youngest grandfather we know (!)
  6. And even with that great family, still retains relatively good looks 😀
  7. Feels perfectly at ease playing cheesy charade games with kids in which one’s maturity and self respect are compromised
  8. Plays the guitar
  9. Is a terrific conversationalist
  10. Can actually moonwalk!

We love you, Mr. Hergenreter – thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon! 😉

P.S.: this invitation is for real, people.  If you’re free, do drop by anytime between 7:00 and 9:42pm.  We’re always open to spending time with our friends!

P.S.S.: seize the opportunity, because I think we’ll hold off on the next milestone party until we’re up to 25,000… which, who knows, could be next month! 😉


5 thoughts on “10,000 and Tripendicular!

  1. All of our invitations are for real, MonteCristo. Even if the invitation is unspoken it’s for real. The realness of our invitations is constant.

  2. And once again, the Blog Writers, Readers, and Lovers came together for a fantastic spontaneous party! Unbelievable as it may sound, the number of guests exceeded our expectations by a factor of 10!

    Laughter prevailed, as always, and everyone left right on time, except for three, who stayed about 1,200 seconds too long. Time flies when you’re having fun, though, so nobody noticed or cared.

    Thanks for making this milestone special, everyone! No more blog celebrations until we reach 25,000 views, so sit back and relax 😉

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