Java Walk

Yay! The day finally came, and we all bundled up in hat, scarf, coat, gloves etc. in preparation for the Java Walk. As I’ve taken the trek to Dilworth before, I took point and led our large group down the icy sidewalk, over bumpy paths and broken concrete, carefully guiding them away from deep holes… okay, it wasn’t so thrilling, or dangerous, but I do consider myself to be an excellent guide. šŸ˜‰

When we arrived at the back entrance to Dilworth, we found the door locked, and panic struck us as we had the horrible thought that we were closed. Actually, it turned out they hadn’t opened the back door, and thankfully we were able to warm our freezing faces in the heat of the cozy Coffeehouse. We each ordered, and sat down in the light of the rising sun to chat around a little table, and fill in the crossword from the Creative Loafing newspaper.

We had a blast, and by the time our drinks were finished, we were completely refreshed, warmed, and ready to take the long journey back. As always, it *seemed* half the length coming back as it did going. (If you think it’s because we walked faster, or it was downhill, we timed it. Exactly 30 minutes).

Who’s up for January!?


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