Bristol in Shades of Gray

It didn’t snow! We went to all of the trouble of arranging a scenic retreat in the Virginia mountains – clearing our schedules, persuading our grandparents that we would take good care of their brand-new house, driving for hours to get there… all for nothing. There wasn’t any snow. The ground wasn’t white. To make matters worse, it had the nerve to rain.

Well, I’m exaggerating (as usual). We had a wonderful time in Bristol! We do wish it had snowed. But this only means we’ll have to go back!  😉

Boone is a magnet. We trustingly followed the GPS on our way up, assuming it would take us the *best* way, which everybody knows is 77>81. Instead it brought us 85>321>44?>smaller, narrower roads ascending and then descending the Boone mountain in unsettling swoops. (Swoops? Is that a word? Yes.) On the way back, we jumped on 81 (because how can you go wrong with 81?), and ended up having to choose between heading to Knoxville TN or taking 321 all the way back through Boone, again. So, Boone is a magnet.

Be careful, or you could get pulled there too.


2 thoughts on “Bristol in Shades of Gray

  1. Summary – All roads lead to Boone. 😀

    Did we mention the frequent stops at Arby’s for plastic knives, spoons napkins and an occasional curly-fry? Never let anyone say it’s not fun traveling with the Squicciarini girls! 😉

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