Potpourri: n. Any mixture of unrelated subjects

In general, our holiday season is a convoluted mix of traditions from different religions and backgrounds, but it seems to work for us. We revel in the incongruity of having a hanukkiah on every table but opening gifts wrapped in red and green paper, eliminating the customary Christmas festivities but preserving our unique Christmas Eve rituals with inviolable sanctity, decrying ornamented evergreens as pagan symbols <gasp> but clinging to our handmade Christmas stockings with sentimental fervor, carefully lighting the Hanukkah candles while “The 12 Days of Christmas” plays in the background… you get the idea. It’s a little of everything.  Like ourselves, it’s an eclectic mix.

Here’s a humorous anecdote about our holidays… A few years ago, for no apparent reason that I can recall, my dad set up a surveillance camera in our family room. He may have been wanting to monitor the gifts, to make sure no one surreptitiously opened any, but it’s not like we’ve ever had a problem with that. At least, not that we know about… everyone always *seems* surprised at what they receive.  😉 It was an elaborate camera, with a tripod and everything, and the “cool” thing about it, technologically speaking, was that you (basically anyone) could go online and watch the live video. Ooh. There was a red indicator light to show when we were being watched.

We opened presents on Christmas morning that particular year… in our pajamas… the usual half-asleep, tousled look.

Sure enough, someone was watching.

Which just confirms to me… someone is always watching.


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