And G-d Was Watching: Top 7 Purchases of 2008

I’m the guy with the wallet. That may be a good thing… but I was asked to post about the Top 7 purchases we made in 2008.

Now this is a bit awkward for me for several reasons. First, I’m an anti-blogger (although truth be told, I actually get teary-eyed reading my family’s blog) and second, I have great concern that some may read “Top 7 Purchases” and immediately jump to some incorrect conclusion about my family being focused on material posessions. Well, I guess if you know us, I don’t need to be concerned about that. 

It was a wonderful year – and G-d provided in a bountiful way.

1. New Cars
2008 was the time to replace both our old cars. Both the Van and the Vic had given us a good 10 years each. G-d bless them both.
Allyn got a new Honda Odyssey and I was bitten by the MINI Cooper. Yes Allyn is riding in style with GPS to guide her – and I have been MINImized! Gas mileage for both are great, although most folks simply watch as I drive by now, rather than moving over. No one thinks I’m a cop driving a white Crown Vic anymore… <sigh> You may hear that I actually have a Visa card in my wallet with my very own MINI on the card. I can’t deny it… but the black racing stripes on the gold background (and black top) are extraordinary… live or card-wise.


2. Garmin Nuvi

The ability to get directions from a computer while you’re driving is very comforting (to a Dad). Morgan, Julianna and Christine are sharing a Garmin Nuvi now. It’s nice to know exactly when they’ll be at their destination. The Nuvi has led them to Bristol, VA, Ashville, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC so far…

Nuvi: Take me home!


3. Pool Cleaner

Technology seems to be at a high in the Squicciarini castle… The moat and pool often need cleaning, don’t they? We said goodbye to our old pool cleaner, Herbie. Herbie had broken a few arms over the years. We sent Herbie to the Pool Cleaner hospital more than once. Well, his replacement, Luca, has taken over with a vengeance. Luca climbs the walls using some special algorithm to cover the entire bottom and sides within an hour. Go Luca! (For those of you who haven’t seen the Godfather, where Luca Brasi swims with the fishes, you might not understand our naming conventions. For this I apologize profusely. I tell you what. I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. Come over to our house. We’ll watch together. I’ll cover all the expense. Someday… and this day may never come… I’ll ask you to do a favor for me…)


 4. Privacy Fence

With the pool becoming a hot-spot for the local jet-setting young folks, the paparazzi were everywhere! It seemed appropriate to replace the homemade fence (whose posts I dug with Uncle Larry hanging from his backhoe arm) around the property. Christine did the due diligence and selected Champion Fence to remove the old fence and put in a brand new privacy fence. My goodness! What a difference. Guaranteed for life. I like that.


The last three are all smaller, inside items.


5. Havdalah Set

Morgan and Christine bought the family a Havdalah set when they were in Israel last fall. It’s beautiful! Have you had Havdalah with us? No? whatsthamattawithyou?


6. Panini Grill

Allyn came home one day and said that she had made an investment in our retirement. She would be making all our meals on a Panini press. Well, with Peter and the girls around to make luscious sandwiches – it’s been one of the best investments we’ve ever made! It turns a simple sandwich into a grilled meal. Highly recommended. (I won’t embarrass you if you don’t know what a panini is. Do yourself a favor. Google it. I know. You’re grateful. forgetaboutit.)


7. Blu-Ray DVD Player

Finally, we bought a new BluRay disc player to check out all that high resolution stuff we’ve been missing on the ol’ video monitor. Yikes! We lose at least a ½ hour just watching the DVD menus now. <sigh> Get – into – it…


All in all, it was a fabulous year… and G-d was watching.


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