The Longest Days of Our Lives

Yes, we have begun the series “24”, the pseudo-soap opera of which each episode is an hour, so it takes place in real time. We’re slowly being sucked into the revolving world of action in the series of continual cliffhangers starring Kiefer Southerland, and so we’re constantly wondering, “What’s going to happen to Jack?!” or “What is Kim going to do?!” 🙂 It was our Dad’s idea to have lengthy intervals between seasons, and only watch them around holidays… but who knew there were so many holidays in January? 😉

The way I see it, it’s nice to have a series that the entire family likes and is willing to watch!


Editor’s Note: I find it interesting to observe that the excitement surrounding ’24’ is due in a large part to the appearance of Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida… and his popularity with the, ahem, younger members of our family. It would not be irrelevant to mention that Tony Almeida’s face currently graces the monitor of at least one Squicciarini computer – a fact which is surely no surprise to you, narnia95. <wink>

-the princess


3 thoughts on “The Longest Days of Our Lives

  1. That Tony is just what the fan sites describe him as… “smouldering.” If he ever leaves CTU, I might boycot the show. 😀

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