Love Actually Is… All Around Us

Love is central to our family. We demonstrate love through words, actions, gifts, and hugs. Love comes between “live” and “laugh” as our defining terms.

I explain this because we recently celebrated Valentine’s Day, the holiday which stands for love. Perhaps surprisingly, Valentine’s Day is always a happy time for us! We don’t observe SAD (Singles Awareness Day), we don’t get depressed, we don’t feel like failures if we’re not out on a date February 14th.

Ever since we were little, my dad would make all of his daughters feel special on Valentine’s Day. He’s the best guy I know at making grand romantic gestures. One year he had a beautiful handwritten card for each of us, telling us how much he loved us… another time he gave each girl a red rose and chocolate from Godiva. For a few years we got adorable limited edition Godiva teddy bears, holding heart-shaped candy. I never thought these words would be true, but I think we’ve been spoiled… at least on Valentine’s Day. 😉

Although the holiday appears to lack any spiritual significance, we have no problem celebrating it enthusiastically. It’s a time to feel loved, and to remind those around you how much you care for them.


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