Saturday at The Residence

Stillness pervades our house through the early hours. The alarm clock doesn’t go off, the radio isn’t on… the only sounds are cars driving past outside. Sometimes the silence is broken by my brother softly playing his guitar, as everyone slowly wakes up. Eventually my father requests our presence downstairs (wink wink), and we spend about an hour at the breakfast table, usually having an informative discussion about current events. The recent trend has been international political figures.

I know, this sounds like a Norman Rockwell painting. Welcome to our life. 🙂

No matter how crazy the previous week has been, Saturday anchors us as a family. During the winter, we curl up in the family room and spend the day reading and studying together. Weather permitting, we take a walk through the neighborhood. The mood is tranquil, punctuated by occasional laughter or enthusiastic piano playing (courtesy of Peter). At some point during the day, we pray as a family.

Over the summer, we head outside mid-morning and spend most of the day around the pool. We listen to audio classes using our outdoor speakers while everyone enjoys the chance for repose and relaxation.

The goal for our Saturdays is peace. To accomplish that goal, we keep outside interference to a minimum… putting our phone on DND, taking a much-needed break from cell phones and email. This is our day of worship, and we set it apart by putting aside typical daily activities. Business is one topic we try not to talk about. 😉

We have a sense of the inevitable when Saturday comes to an end… and as the sun sets, we recognize that our day of rest is over. There’s usually a stampede to the study, with shouts of “I have to turn off my auto-responder!!!” (a well-known euphemism for catching up on email and avoiding chores).


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