Ringing Off The Hook

Where is William Stratton?

Who is he?

Is he alive?

These are our questions… as we get phone calls almost every day from a local hospital asking for “William Stratton.” We don’t know how they got our number – no one by that name has ever lived here. Although we’ve told the hospital over and over again that they have the wrong number, and they promise  to update their records, nothing changes!

What concerns us most is not the inconvenience of the calls, but the ominous message they convey. Poor Mr. Stratton has missed several appointments! His prescription medication has expired! He has not contacted the hospital! We fear the worst – he may no longer be with us. He may have departed from this world and gone to a, presumably, better place. He may have gone to meet his Maker.

<moment of silence as we ponder the brevity of life>

I have tagged this post with William Stratton, so that if he should google himself (as some people do), he will see it and perhaps take steps to remedy the situation.

We can only hope for the best… Bill, trusting that all is well with you, we remain yours respectfully,
The Squicciarini Family of Matthews, NC


One thought on “Ringing Off The Hook

  1. The worst of the matter is that they no longer call with personal messages – it’s AUTOMATED! Now we can’t even tell them not to call… not that it would help, but…

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