Deep in the Heart of Texas: Day 1

by Julianna Squicciarini

As many of you may already know, Morgan is spending a week in Texas this month with relatives of some friends of ours. We are all excited that she has this opportunity 🙂

So I dropped her off at the Charlotte-Douglas Airport at 8:45am this morning to catch her 9:24am flight. For some reason, she brought an enormous suitcase. Like, big enough for a month’s stay. Apparently our mom had suggested doing so – if you’re going to check a bag, might as well make it a big one, so you can bring back presents for the homestayers 😀

I left her (and her suitcase) outside the airport doors; she promised to call us when she arrived. We have not yet heard a single whisper from her. BUT – no news is *good news*, so assume the best. She must have gotten there safely and is having too much fun.






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