Deep in the Heart of Texas: Day 3

Well, we got another call from The Traveler today, and this time most of us got a chance to talk with her. Apparently everything is going extremely well, except for the fact that she doesn’t have any pictures of us, so I very sweetly posted a picture of the family on Facebook for her to show all her friends.

Morgan says that the adult seder was *so much fun*, and lasted until after 2:00am!! Admitedly ours didn’t last quite that long, but almost. It makes me think of a movie or something: “The Seder Wars: Who can have the most seders, stay up the latest, have the most guests, have the most fun, have as many new people as possible and win the Passover Prize!?”. Seriously, I think she’s winning. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we haven’t had a lot of fun too… (not to mention many attempts to get a hard-boiled egg through the neck of a grape juice bottle… okay, a *lot* of attempts.)

There have been rumors of 11 dogswhere they are staying, and she seems to be handling it just fine, since she’s still alive and well 😉 Also that the Schoenwalds are very much like us in that they use Organic Jason Soap and Tom’s Toothpaste. Both items we use.

Well, I didn’t hear anything like “…missing you guys…”, “…wish you were here…”, “…wish I was there…”, or anything like that, so it’s good to know everything is up to par over in the ‘Heart of Texas’, also evidently in the ‘Heart of Nowhere’, since it was at a remote location nearly 2 hours from the airport. But never fear, Morgan seems to be keeping in contact, and she’ll even have Internet access soon on someone’s computer. So if you’re missing her, please comment on this post (or an earlier one) and express yourself. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated. 😀


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