Deep in the Heart of Texas: Day 4

By Christine Squicciarini

Wow. What an INCREDIBLE Sabbath!

I know we’re all still in Passover mode, so you’re probably thinking like I am, “What made this Sabbath different from all other Sabbaths?” Let me tell you. THIS was Bella Torah’s first Meetup publicized event since our move to on March 23 of this year! What a success! We had a healthy turn out for Shacarit morning prayers, and how encouraging to see some new faces! There was some wonderful discussion over the weekly Torah portion… another blessing. 😉

After prayers, a delicious oneg gave everyone a chance to meet everyone else… the house was filled with laughter and conversation, and more guests arrived for Dad’s class Animal Sacrifices and How They Apply to Us. You’ll have to get on to hear the class, ’cause that’s another post. Obviously Dad has a gift for presenting material in a clear light! It’s always a phenomenal learning experience to sit under his teaching. I got rave reviews all afternoon about how great the class was!  

Class ended and people stuck around to debrief with us, which was awesome. It’s so neat having a a congregation of like-minded believers, why didn’t we Meetup sooner? 🙂 I do need to mention that in Morgan’s absence, I took over working the coffee bar. Very nifty. I’m gonna have to do that more often. 😀 I got to talk with like EVERYONE, but I stayed in one place… definitely a new experience…:-)

Speaking of Morgan, we didn’t hear a peep out of The Traveler, but that was to be expected since it was  the Sabbath. We have since found out that she enjoyed some very tasty vegetarian sushi… and she is adjusting very well to the numerous dogs (so she says 😉 ).

Well, that’s it. It was an INCREDIBLE Sabbath! And now you know why.


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