Deep in the Heart of Texas: Day 7

by Julianna Squicciarini

We are all very grateful to Country Princess for so unexpectedly giving us a break from our series of posts 😀 Plus, it was interesting hearing a little more about her time directly from her.

Today, we were very busy working, schooling, and trying to finish up our taxes before Shabbat started (sundown starts the last day of Unleavened Bread, and we are resting). One of the curses of getting older is having to pay tax. <sigh> I cannot believe how much money I am going to fork over to the government tomorrow. <heavier sigh>

But on a brighter note, Christine had a nice long chat on the phone with The Traveler. I’ll let her fill you in on any tidbits she may have gathered there via a comment. We’re glad Morgan is having a good time, but I think we’re all ready for her to come home.

*NOTE*: Morgan has indicated that she is now fine with dogs. (!) While skeptical, we are excited that this trip may have been such a huge turning point in her life… 😉


2 thoughts on “Deep in the Heart of Texas: Day 7

  1. Morgan and I had such a great chat that day! It was like sister bonding time via cell. So cool. We basically talked about how this trip to Texas will most likely be a milestone in Morgan’s life… somehow. If it was only so she’d get used to being comfortable around dogs… dayeinu. 😛

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