“Life Is Too Short To Be Small.” ~Benjamin Disraeli

The summer is finally taking off… or should I say, about to begin. Either way, we’re approaching events of particular import and excitement, specifically a cause for great celebration and festivity…

Namely, my birthday.


It’s interesting, the way our family was constructed… that the first child has the last sequential birthday during the year (and the last child has the first birthday). It takes forever to arrive at my birthday in July. But they say waiting for something longer makes you appreciate it more…

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a year older, this year, but… after much thought and consideration… I’ve decided to go ahead and have the birthday after all.

Don’t miss an important note from last year, “What if everybody did”… 😉


16 thoughts on ““Life Is Too Short To Be Small.” ~Benjamin Disraeli

  1. May I also mention that the complete list of birthday ideas from Morgan was printed out recently, with no more than 5 items… may I also remind everyone reading there are 6 people (+ relatives) who need gifts too! :O

    But… it\’s ok, I guess we love her anyway. 😉

  2. I don’t wear platform shoes, Jonathan. And I usually buy my own shoes. It helps to try them on first, you know?

  3. That’s a little chilly. I’m sure Jonathan was referring to the 4″ heels you like to wear. They can easily be misconstrued as platform. 🙂

  4. Yeah, but the comment, “how many of them involved platform shoes” makes it sound like all 5 items on my birthday list were shoes. Like I’m unbalanced and obsessed with footwear. Ridiculous. 🙂

  5. And that says it all. Platform shoes have now been added to the birthday list, thank you for the suggestion, Jonathan. Discussion closed.

  6. Ahem. Once a princess, always a princess, niftybonz. Impossible to argue with Narnian wisdom. 😉

  7. Yeah. Whatever that meant. We have a saying here: “You shake and shake the ketchup bottle, none will come, and then a lot’ll.” 😉

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