For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

by Julianna Squicciarini

Well, it’s Father’s Day. Again. And that must mean we’re heading up to Boone Fork Trail for our annual Father’s Day hike on that “moderately easy” woodland path.

<chuckle> NOT!

No, readers, Boone Fork Trail was an interesting and perhaps worthwhile experience, which will not be repeated in the near future. This Father’s Day, we played it very safe and got our dad a grill. Or, rather, he got himself a grill and our mom helped pick it out. And, seeing as that gift wasn’t really from us, WE (meaning his five children) got him a monogrammed leather wine dossier to keep track of his favorite bottles. 😀 Talk about Children of the Century.

So today, instead of getting up to Boone nice and early, we slept in late and our dad cooked us a great breakfast. On his new grill. I know – weird. Especially considering that it was an egg breakfast…hmmm….well, the eggs were cooked inside. He did the sausage and hashbrowns (do I even need to say it was kosher sausage? you all know that by now, right?). It was very good.

And instead of trekking through damp forests and sidestepping cow patties, we sunbathed and swam with friends in our gorgeous 20×40′ pool. Our father graciously allowed us to have an Open Swim this afternoon. What a guy! 🙂

And as we speak (or as I type), our father is subbing for Emeril and cooking us an amazing dinner. Also on his grill. THAT gift was a hit. 😉 It’s a steak that’s bigger than my head. However, it only feeds 4 to 6 people. There’s something wrong with this picture…

On that delicious note, may I take this opportunity to wish all the fathers reading this the very happiest and relaxed Father’s Day ever. I’m sure you all deserve it.

For he’s a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny!


21 thoughts on “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

  1. Apparently 90% of our meals will be prepared using the grill now. Sandwiches? On the grill. Christine’s zucchini bread? Grill baked. Pizza? Grilled.

  2. You know, we sat down at dinner last night, looked at the steak, and pretty much said in unison, “wow, I’m surprised you left off the hooves…” no, not really. But several of us were thinking it. 😉

  3. Love the Fun With Dick And Jane reference! Sweet! The steak had great flavor. Love the new grill. I’m hoping Dad will share it a little more frequently than he shares his MINI… 😉

  4. Nice niftybonz! Well, I have to agree with STP on this one… that reference was definitely running through my mind as we all graciously took *plenty* of steak. . Oh well, it was still delicious. 😉

  5. The best thing we’ve made on the grill so far, in my opinion, was that amazing salmon we had for Shabbat.


  6. I like the sound of that! A Fish Friendly Buffet for Fish Friendly people. A great opportunity to try some different types of fish. Let’s do it. Everyone free late July?

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