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1. Almost every day someone finds our website by searching for poolside seats. This is because of a small post last spring which announced the availability of our swimming pool, called “Poolside Seats Are Now Available.” The post, somewhat deceptively titled, had nothing to do with poolside seats (it can be summarized as “the pool is open.”). *googles poolside seats* But there we are on the first page of hits. Perhaps disappointingly, we don’t sell poolside seats… we don’t even have lovely Pottery Barn-type photos of our outdoor furniture. What is a poolside seat? A chaise lounge? A lawn chair? Could a porch swing be considered a poolside seat? Or should the term be used literally, like sitting on the actual pool edge and dangling your toes in the water?

2. We set up a distribution list for our family, used it all the time because it was so much easier than typing six email addresses, and found out recently that one of our business partners, a Canadian firm, has been on the list all along… somehow.  *frowns at the in-house technicians* This security breach has potentially compromised internal affairs at The Residence (or at least given LPI a few really terrific pics of the vacation rentals at Holden Beach and copies of several birthday lists).

3. And speaking of security… someone in North Carolina just got a new camera! It wasn’t us! But… we paid for it! Anyone using ecommerce these days runs the risk of fraud, but it’s one of those things we never expect will happen to us. We weren’t sure about the charge on our business credit card… the email “OK, WHO SPENT THE MONEY AT NEWEGG?” went around to QV employees… and then after a short but painful formal inquiry we realized that yes, there are thieves among us. Well, not among us, but…you get the idea. So if you just purchased a new FUJIFILM camera with our card (and don’t want to admit it), you’re welcome. Enjoy. Take lots of pictures for us. 😉


41 thoughts on “:: [(no subject)] ::

  1. I think we need to have an annual Poolsides Seats Day. Anyone know what the date of this oh-so-significant post was?

  2. The woman at USAA practically grilled me, to make sure I was who I said I was. Can’t cancel a debit card without the proper identification…what’s your father’s name and date of birth? What are the last EIGHT digits of your personal debit card? What are the last four digits on this account? Did you recently spend money at Expert’s Exchange? And so on, and so forth.

    Thank goodness I knew all the answers. 😀

  3. MonteCristo… word to the wise – do not be a tattle tale… or we’ll have to give you a code red.

  4. Haha. Mums the word. For now…

    …but in a few weeks when I’m low on cash…

    …I may have to reconsider…

  5. Are you suggesting blackmail?? You blackmail us about the camera, and we’ll USE it to take compromising pictures of you… forming a giant web of familial corruption.

  6. You can take that finger and point it right back at yourself, MonteCristo. CFO, huh… what better opportunity to buy the camera you’ve been TALKING ABOUT GETTING. We know who the real thief is. =)

  7. That’s right! She has been talking about that camera lately… so now it’s all sorted out. Of course *she* had to make the phonecall… does anyone know who was really on the phone?

  8. I can’t believe it was this obvious. I was trying SO HARD to make it seem like a fraudulent transaction! Even cancelling the card!

    Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.

  9. hey, narnia95, i think if you use the words “drugs” and “smuggling” in the same comment, the NSA will be reading our blog.

  10. Wow…this is just great… Tomorrows headlines: “Squicciarini Girls Indicted on Multiple Charges”

    Morgan S. Charged with Obstruction of justice and conspiracy to cover-up a crime.

    Julianna: Charged with Embezzling funds from Company to make unapproved personal purchases.

    Christine: Has 3 sisters that did stuff…so she most likely did stuff as well… I think guilt by association works in this case.

    Mary: Charged with threatening to kill the President.

    Poor Pete will be the only kid left…

  11. Nice =)… although I have to warn you, even though Pete hasn’t commented, he is (most likely) by no means innocent. 😉

    Thanks for commenting by the way. 😀

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