Random question… how many of you have ever had an anonymous gift from Tiffany’s show up on your doorstep?

It happened to us yesterday.

I tried so hard to convince everyone it was an early birthday gift for me… but I was overruled by the consensus that it was a graduation gift for Christine. <sigh>

This reminds me of the time we found a package containing $1000 in small bills… in our mailbox. (yeah, the “early birthday gift” line didn’t work then either…) 😉

Basically we’re always finding stuff around our house. Sometimes it’s unpleasant, like mice in the pool, and other times it’s pretty nice, like presents or money. 

Never Stop Looking.


6 thoughts on “Supercalifragileisticexpealadocios

  1. That time with the mouse, was not a mouse, it was a shrew. Twice… still, people still swim in our pool, and random gifts continue to show up on our doorstep. 😀

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