Patriotism: In G-d We Trust? Pt. 2

To continue my thoughts from the previous post, here’s a theory I heard recently:

America will become a Socialistic country, inhabited by godless, hedonistic citizens. Personal freedoms will be almost entirely eradicated. We will dispose of our nuclear weapons, in an attempt at world peace, only to be annihilated by our enemies. The few people who survive will be dependent on anti-depressants and other drugs,¬†continuing their existence in a dazed, mind-numbing state. America will no longer be a world power or a force to be reckoned with; instead, we’ll be pitied or laughed at. When the world comes to an end, as it inevitably must, our country will play no part in the unfolding end-times developments.

Although this hypothesis may be grim and depressing, is it possible? Acknowledgement that we are on a downhill slope, that conditions will only get worse, may be the first step in preparing for a “worse-case scenario.”


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