Relatively Speaking

We had a family of total strangers over for dinner last night, and by the end of the evening we were not only related, but practically best friends as well. Truly. I mean, is that cool or what? 🙂 It was like discovering long-lost cousins, and spending a few fantastic hours getting to know them… starting with their arrival at our home and introductions all around… then discussion of our mutual Italian heritage accompanied by screams of excitement as we found out that both of our families are descended from the Marzigliano famiglia of Bari, Italy. It was a beautiful time. 🙂 

This brings up what I like to call the Italian House theory (to unapologetically spoof a popular religious doctrine). It goes like this: if you feel a special sense of connection to an Italian family, such as ours – if you love being around them, guess what? You’re related. Absolutely. I guarantee it. (The real question is, how far back is your common ancestor… but trust me, chances are almost certain you can find one more recent than Noah). 😉


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