Abstracts from an Afternoon at the Airport

While at the USO, one’s thoughts naturally turn the following directions…

“Wow, there are more than 20 flags in this place. Amazing. It’s a none too subtle order to feel patriotic when you’re here, if you ask me.” 😉

“It’s SO sweet when those earnest young servicemen answer “Yes ma’am” and “Thank you, ma’am” to everything.”

“Wonder if I could be in the military…wouldn’t that be cool! …but don’t they live in tents? I can’t handle tents. And what about pedicures? And then there’s the fashion issue… :-/ …mmm, I love my country but all things considered, I’m probably better off volunteering at the USO.”

“Have you ever tried smiling for 3 hours straight? NOT easy, let me tell you.”

“Hmm… I always thought there were only 4 branches of the military. Turns out there are 7. Who knew? (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, Navy, and Reserves.) See, it’s totally educational to come here! They should give college credit to volunteers.”

“Someone thought it was necessary to put a large sign next to the door which says, “STOP. Did you forget your WALLET or other valuables?” Apparently a large number of our military personnel are characterized by forgetfulness. It’s kind of ironic (or concerning)…I mean, they have to remember important stuff like opening parachutes and disarming bombs, so you’d think…”

“What we need is a lively soundtrack of patriotic music. A good mix of jazz, instrumental, and marching bands, I think, to break up the silence. The center almost seems librarian at times.”

“And…this gentleman becomes the 948th person today to ask me what time it is, entirely overlooking the large digital clock display 4 inches under his nose. Blame it on the jet lag.”


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