Why Do Bad Things Happen to G-d’s People?

Yesterday was a sad day. Why, you ask? The day was sad because history is sad. Why is history sad? I believe it is because evil in the world causes sadness… tragedy, pain, and death.

Yesterday we were sad. Although we didn’t cry about it, at every moment during the day we were aware of a sense of loss, as if something dear to us was gone or destroyed.

Yesterday we read a sad book. Each passage in it lamented unspeakable tragedy, both past and future. The book described anguish and misery, interspersed with desperate pleas for mercy and forgiveness.

Yesterday in the midst of great sadness around us and throughout history, we saw salvation. We could see deliverance through the desolation, restoration through the ruin, and hope through the heartbreak.

Yesterday ended with these words: Restore us… renew our days as in days of old.


One thought on “Why Do Bad Things Happen to G-d’s People?

  1. STP,sadness and depression are going to come into our lives. There is a formula to overcome this. Psm 51:5 shows the cause. Psm 40:1-3 tells how David worked out his depression. Also check out Matt 15:18 and Jer 13:9,38:6. Sadness and depression comes to those who like most of us have come to depend too much on the world. But the Lord is the answer!! Praise Him!

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