TEST: Geometry

Just one week ago, I finished up my 8th unit in my math by taking a TEST. The four darkest letters staring out from the screen (we use SOS), make it so hard to start, but yet so easy. How come they trick you into simply double-clicking on the daily assignment, and surprise! It’s a TEST! Yay!…. not. Anyway, geometry had been pretty easy for me, and it was a relatively short TEST, so I wasn’t exactly nervous, just a little on edge. I’ve only gotten a 100% like three times before this grade, so I’m always hoping that I will again, but honestly I’m more of a B student when it comes to math. Who does well on a subject they hate?! Not me, you can imagine. 😉

So just after breakfast, I bravely took the path which lay before me. I started the TEST. Thing is, they never tell you what you’re going to be covering, or how long it’s going to be, so really it’s like walking into the unknown. It could be 6 questions long, or 50 questions. It could have 3 questions about one subject and all the rest could be your worst nightmare! However, with just 28 questions (pretty average), I started the TEST, after extensive study and review. Soon I was halfway, and then, bam! Before I knew it, I had just clicked “grade” for the last question, and up popped that box – bearer of good or bad news – with the words: “Assignment is now complete! You scored A 100%!”. I was in a state of shock for the next three seconds, until I practically shouted, “I got a hundred on my TEST!” and the excitement of the exclamation produced high-fives, congratulations, and an offer to go to Chick-Fil-A with Julianna and Christine for milkshakes in celebration. Of course, I accepted. 🙂

So milkshakes we had, and also bumped into Ashton, Jenna, and Clayton Ferrazzo, and Caleb Brandt. Ashton was celebrating his scoring of a 5 on his AP, which apparently is the highest you can get, so congratulations Ashton! And, of course, cheers to me for the first A 100% in I don’t know how long! (let’s raise a glass!) 😀

For those of you interested, I’m on my 9th unit now, so if I get a hundred on this one too, we’ll have to come up with something special to do. 😉 I mean, can you really beat milkshakes (with cherries on top!) and friends? 😉 Barely… but we need to be creative. Any suggestions?


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