Let’s Raise a Glass

A wave of fitness has swept The Residence recently, as our matriarch has thrown herself into a whirlwind of activity into which the rest of us cannot help but be swept. She is a blur of action these days… running around town, walking around the neighborhood, swimming around the pool… and I marvel sometimes at the extent of her influence on our family (though I know it’s no surprise that a mother could have the power to affect change within her own family), because considering that we are a group of lively, determined ‘young adults’ it seems unusual that almost all of us, in one way or another, would so easily alter our habits or routines in accordance with the example set by a parent. She has set a personal course toward a well-balanced, physically active, healthy lifestyle, and we find ourselves moving in the same direction, voicing encouragement and agreement, wondering silently why we had not taken these steps sooner, knowing the answer is that even as grown-up and self-sufficient as we like to think we are, we still require a leader with initiative. My mother answers this need with quiet wisdom, motivating by patient example. We love her, care for her, and yes… we follow her.


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