Missing: Unmentionables

by Julianna Squicciarini

Morgan and I just recently had the opportunity to do some people-watching. We sat for about half an hour in the waiting area of one of Charlotte’s nicer restaurants. Always interesting being right next to the door like that… 😉

After this experience, I am convinced that American women have adopted a mindset completely foreign to our traditional views.

We are in a recession (sometimes our family doesn’t admit it – they say if you don’t admit that there’s a recession, there won’t be a recession…but that’s another story). People are cutting back on luxuries and extravagent purchases. We, as a nation, are focusing on saving, not spending. Right? Right.

However, it seems to me that American women – a lot of them – are treating a key, essential wardrobe item as optional and not-completely-necessary. <clears throat nervously> Ladies, you may not realize it, but we can actually tell whether or not you’re wearing the appropriate lingerie with your ensemble. Or, actually, ANY lingerie at all! We may be cutting back, but not on essentials! <gasp>

Most importantly, do you know what it says about you if you go out without the proper (or, again, any)…coverage? Please. Let’s make sure we do a mirror check before walking out the door and into the public eye. The way we dress, what we wear, and how we wear it are all important issues for women. The idea “I don’t care what people think about me” is not apropos when it comes to your clothes – they speak volumes. You want them to communicate who you are to the world. Clothes can very effectively point out the difference between a woman and a lady. It’s important.

“There is no woman so naked as one you can see to be naked under her clothes.” – Michael Frayn.


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