Locked In

by Mary Squicciarini

Locked In – the newly found title of our latest film. The plot goes like this: It all happens when a charming family (Family 1) invites friends (Family 2) over for dinner, and after a pleasant stroll down to the “former playground”, a lovely dinner, a lively round or two of Catch Phrase, and some audience around the pool table, there’s talk of a taking a drive down to the Dairy Farm to go on a short walk down to the swinging bridge, which apparently is very authentic. So of course, Family 2 says yes, and they drive down just as the sun is starting to set. It gets dark fast, and by the time they’re about half-way, there’s not much light to speak of. By the time they actually reach the bridge, the end of it is a far-off haze in a mist of blackness. They take the adventure that lies before them, fearlessly, unconditionally, and run across two or three times. Then they start the dark journey back. It’s a short walk, all in all around 20 minutes, but by the time they turn back it’s already so dark they can’t see one another’s faces. The only light is the occasional flash of the camera, and two very faint street-lights near the parking lot. They do manage to get back to the car, and start driving home. However, they don’t actually get more than a couple yards when they come to a sudden stop, faced with an iron gate, blocking the car from the rest of the road by two padlocks with keys and combinations. After some work of genius, two of the party manage to get the gate unlocked and swing it open as everyone else gives a collective sigh of relief. The night air calms the crowd as they return to the rest of the party, and after another rousing game of pool, the two families part ways.

Based on a true story.


3 thoughts on “Locked In

  1. Thank goodness for those camera flashes – I can’t imagine how many cow patties I would have stepped in if it hadn’t been for my trusty Canon flash. Whew!

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