Dinnertime Conversation

My grandfather (HFS): You should consider renting a porta potty when you have all those people over every other week.

Mom, Nana, and me (in unison): Ewwwwwwwwwww!

HFS: No really, it’s a good idea.

Me: Well, we’d basically have to buy one, don’t you think?

HFS: No, just rent it! They’re not expensive.

Mom (AMS): Um, Dad… women don’t use those.

HFS: Sure they do!

AMS: No… I don’t use them.

Me: Neither do I.

AMS: I’d never use one. Kathy, would you use one?

Nana (MKS): No! Never!

HFS: Yes you would – you’ve used one!

MKS (aghast): I Have Not!


Me: Yeah, well… they weren’t using them, take my word for it. 

HFS: <shakes head with resignation>


Trivia: according to wikipedia, “portable toilets are referred to colloquially or sold under such brands as port-a-john, job johnny, port-o-let, port-a-loo, sani-privy, port-a-san, porta-potty, tidy john, John To Go, Biff, toi-toi, J-Jon, P-Unit, and porta-kybo.”


3 thoughts on “Dinnertime Conversation

  1. I just don’t think I could call something so disgusting a “TIDY john”. That’s just wrong. And I don’t use them either.

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