Traveling in Style

This week Mom and I headed up to Bristol together to visit my grandparents at their magazine-worthy mountain house. You may not know it, but my mom is the most sophisticated traveler. She plans her outfits in advance, and since the clothes in her closet all magically match each other, she always looks perfectly pulled together. She’s just effortlessly stylish. For the road trip she’ll wear gray jeans and a chic sweater, leather ballet flats and cool Brighton sunglasses with silver accents. She’s so cultured – she’ll remember to bring accessories like lavendar-scented pillow spray and miniature packages of Ocean Spray dried cranberries. She spreads her stuff out on the bathroom sink in neat green mesh zippered bags filled with cute travel sized products. Her travel bags are Vera Bradley, in a fashionable black and tan print. Her purse is always a classic Coach bag or something similar. She’s the kind of person who takes along a “wrap” … you know, one of those wide scarves, and then not only wears it but even manages to look naturally elegant. It’s… inspirational. That’s all I can say.


2 thoughts on “Traveling in Style

  1. Yes. That’s Mums, all right. I’ve always been intrigued at her ability to wear a wrap. How come *I* can’t pull that off??

  2. Oh, THAT’S who I get my chic factor from! 😉 No doubt about it: I’ve got the coolest mom on the PLANET.
    I’m diggin’ the gray jeans, Mums.

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