by Mary Squicciarini

One of our friends recently finished reading The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy, and as this lesser-known classic is a Squicciarini family favorite, we seized the opportunity to have him over for a showing of the 1982 film starring Anthony Andrews, Jane Seymour, and Ian McKellen. The evening included delicious homemade pizza, and a chance for our guest to try “oil and vinegar” with his pizza crust… <raises eyebrows>…   

We (mostly) resisted the temptation to quote any of Sir Percy’s witty repartee during the movie. It was a disappointment to our guest that the “pepper-snuff” moment of genius was not included in the film, but overall he agreed that the acting and dialogue are superior. It is an excellent story of daring and great character…

We kicked him out of the house at 10:00, and as the evening was a great success, we’re already looking forward to next time. <grin>


3 thoughts on ““Elusiveness”

  1. “I thank you here. I thank you there. I must say I thank you, everywhere. Was the best the chicken alfredo? or was it the…margarita? I really enjoyed watching, the Scarlet Pimpernel.”
    Thank you guys so much for your hospitality and your unbelievable delicious pizza. That was certainly a great night, with great company, watching a great movie. You guys are great. Thank you again!

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