Thinking Happy Thoughts

by Julianna Squicciarini

Today is a very special day. Today, my mother is turning 39. No wait – actually, she’s 58. Haha! No, no. Just kidding. 42. Or maybe it was 37? 29? She’s been telling everyone different numbers, so it’s hard to keep it straight. 😛 They say, you know, that her age is the only thing a woman is morally and socially allowed to lie about.

My mother, like any great wine or cheese, has matured with age. Her “flavor”, her joie de vivre, has intensified throughout the passing years. We hear stories of her younger, rebellious, teenage days…we all know how she met my dad – and how he wasn’t her type AT ALL…we know she majored in Urban Forestry, which, for anyone who knows my mom, is ridiculous…we know how she pretty much had to turn herself from a turtle into a social butterfly, because of our father’s penchant for hospitality and networking. Her own sphere of influence has widened and deepened as her life has lengthened. She is now surrounded by women of all ages, and at least four of the younger ones are looking to her for a good example and much-needed guidance in their lives. <grin>

And you know what? She handles it with aplomb. She laughs and puts on her sneaky smile when we mention how much we rely on her opinion, and, being the very direct Northerner she is, she tells it like it is, whether you wanted to hear it or not. I love that about her, even though I sometimes dread hearing what she has to say. You understand.

So without further ado, here’s a birthday blessing for my mom:

G-d of days and years, Author of life, our times are in Your hand. We thank You for the blessing of life and for all that enriches our lives. We gather today in special thankfulness to share in the happiness of our mother, Allyn. Be with her always as the joy of her life.

May she be blessed with health and happiness, and with the strength to overcome sickness and sorrow. May we have the joy of coming together for many more years, united by mutual reverence and love for her. Then will our lives be filled with abundance and blessing.

My mother is my role model, my mentor, my teacher, and my friend. She is my inspiration! I love you, Mums – happy birthday!


3 thoughts on “Thinking Happy Thoughts

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  2. Hey, I just wanted to say “Hello” being that we have the same last name. That was my maiden name (Squicciarini) I was wondering if we good possibly be related?
    My dads family came from Italy years ago and lived in New York, my parents now live in Arizona and they are retired. I have two brothers Rocco and Richard, one lives in Michagan, and the other in Arizona. As far as my self I live in Wisconsin. Well any way it would be neat to hear from you one way or the other. Take Care, Stella

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