Mellow Yellow

by Julianna Squicciarini

Update on the car situation at The Residence: Christine did buy that manual yellow MINI. She bought it one week ago, on Monday, April 19. She took it out on the road by herself, driving stick on Sunday, April 25. Yes. <applause> Ladies and gentlemen – MY SISTER! An amazing woman, if there ever was one. The next order of business is finding a name for said vehicle. The silver van she used to drive was christened “Goose”, a nod to the secondary character in the popular film Top Gun. Also because in our family we say, “The old grey goose, she ain’t what she used to be.” This applies perfectly to the silver van. It certainly isn’t what it used to be. Anyway, contact Christine directly with name suggestions or requests to get a ride in this cute car!


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