Pretty Women

Just yesterday, we (and by “we” I mean Mums, my sisters, and I) were sitting in Caribou as we always do on Tuesday mornings. Knitting our different projects, and sipping our different beverages, we enjoyed the woodsy atmosphere that only ‘Bou provides.

To our surprise, an elderly man stepped toward us with a smile and confidently said, “You have been voted the most beautiful table in Charlotte.” 😀 [well, thank you very much.] He continued to tell us about how much Charlotte is changing. [and the segue was…?] He said that his father started Central Church of G-d, and having grown up in Charlotte, he had seen the congregation grow from 22 people, to 10,000 people. [the man’s practically famous!] He remembered a time when, from the Coliseum to Monroe, there was only one traffic light. [ah, the good ol’ days .] Once he finished, he again stated that we were in fact the most beautiful table in Charlotte. [<blushes>] Then he left.

Gotta love those spontaneous compliments and conversations from random strangers at coffee shops. [yeah really! how often does that happen?] 😉 But, that’s not all… get this:

Not ten seconds later another man walked up, “My mother is 90 years old,” he said nostalgically. [haha, very funny.] He continued, describing the knitting experiences of his mother trying to teach his wife, and how knitting is a lost art. [wait, you were serious? wow.] He encouraged us to pass it on to the next generation, as it is “so good to see young people knitting.” [so true! hey your wife should come here to knit sometime.] We thanked him, and he too left.

Wow! I know, pretty unexpected, let me tell you. And of course, with HaShem, there is always a reason… [not really sure what it was yet, but we know it must have been something!] 😉


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