A Tie That Binds

This last week saw a pretty huge development in my personal life. Now that it’s been a week since it all started, my mind has begun to accept the fact that this is for real, so now I’ll tell you all about it.

Well, not *all* about it. I’m much better in person.

But here’s the bottom line: a young man in our congregation actually bit the bullet and asked my dad if he could court me. Seriously! And then he asked me if I would be interested in that, and I, of course, said yes. In fact, I barely let him finish his sentence, I was so excited. Not just because “this is finally happening to me”, although there’s that, too. But also because, out of all of the excellent young men of my acquaintance, this particular one would be my top choice when it comes to Husband Material. 😀 So, in that sense, it was not only textbook – it was fairytale.

After a few days of living on adrenaline, very little sleep, and a lot of coffee, my father made the official announcement of this official relationship at our Shabbat gathering this past week, making *us*…official! That renewed all of my initial excitement, as the congratulations and mazel tovs continued to pour in from around the world (believe it or not).

Almost every single person I’ve told about this new milestone in my life has responded with something along the lines of, “Well, I totally saw that coming,” or “It’s about time,” or “I’ve always thought you two would be perfect together!”, etc. <sigh> While I agree with being perfect together, the suddenness of this blindsided me a little, so I don’t see how people could possible say that it’s about time. <wink>

And now I’ve made it through the entire post telling you all of this, and at the same time, leaving you completely in the dark, because I never told you that it’s Joshua Spurlock. Yes, for real! We’ve known the Spurlock family for nine whole years as of next week – crazy! Unbelievably cool, too.

I am so very happy, so overjoyed, so overwhelmed, so excited, and so blessed. Keep us in your prayers as we walk down this path…together. 🙂

[today is forty-three days of the Omer; that is, 6 weeks and 1 day]


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