A Tale of Two Fingers

A little excitement rocked the Squicciarini world here at The Residence Friday morning. I heard the sounds of my sister Christine…crying. (!)

Christine, the tower of strength? Christine the Flinty? Christine, who is made of steel covered in silk?

It was inconceivable.

So I rushed downstairs to find out what was going on.

Turns out that Christine had made the family a delicious zucchini egg casserole, using our brand new, Williams-Sonoma mandoline. In the midst of cleaning this dangerous kitchen tool, she inadvertantly sliced off the tips of two of her fingers. It was pretty intense…and there was a good deal of blood going on – I’ll refrain from further descriptive comments, in case you’re one of those people who gets easily grossed out.

Being the homemade, slightly eccentric, all-natural family that we are, Christine’s first thought when this happened was to staunch the bleeding with cayenne pepper. I hear it stung like nobody’s business, but it definitely did slow things down. After cleaning the wounds, we smothered them in People Paste, which is made up of myrrh, echinacea goldenseal, and cayenne, mixed with honey, and wrapped everything safely in gauze and medical tape.

Our mother assures us that everyone cuts their fingers on a mandoline once. It only takes one time, she says.

Christine and I, previous to this incident, had talked about getting ourselves mandolines for our hope chests, but…not anymore. We are now convinced that they are of the devil. Only sharp knives for us!


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