Another Year Passes

Hello. It’s been a while. Why does it feel like I’m always saying that?

Probably because I don’t remember to post often enough.

So every post I write ends up being a summation of a large portion of our lives…sorry about that. Perhaps this new year will bring more regular posting from The Residence.

Here are a few updates for you:

  • Morgan Bartos is pregnant!! She and Gregory are SUPER excited about the upcoming birth of their baby girl (lovingly termed “Raspberry”, for the time being) in March. She continues to post frequent updates on her own personal blog,
  • I’m engaged! I wrote, back in June, about the start of my courtship with Joshua Spurlock. Well, on October 23, with the beautiful autumnal trees of Biltmore Estate as a perfect backdrop, he asked me to marry him. If you’re really interested in that, you can actually see the proposal here ( Joshua filmed it without me knowing. (!)
  • Christine is keeping busy, nannying small children and taking care of elderly women – what a woman she is!
  • Peter, while working full-time for our family business, has also managed to record and release his very first album, entitled “Bygones Be”. It is 100% self-composed piano music, and is available on iTunes. I consider it a must-buy.
  • Mary is chugging away through her schoolwork, as well as handling the logistics of our company. Her birthday is coming up next week, and none of us can believe she’s turning 17. Yikes.
  • My parents are happy as ever, and eagerly awaiting the day when they will become grandparents. It’s hard to think about that becoming a reality…wow.

Our family as a whole is doing very well, and the new year started off excellently, with the viewing of the 5-hour BBC Austen epic “Pride & Prejudice” and an appropriate toast with bubbly.

My sisters, mother, and I spent a few days at our grandparents’ mountain estate (although they weren’t actually there), enjoying some delightful bonding time and relaxation. The mountains in the winter is one of my favorite places to be. Fireplaces in cold weather really do it for me.

Yesterday, we celebrated Morgan’s baby shower with the women of our congregation; Morgan is at 32 weeks! My sisters would say that we should make a paper chain, the time has gotten so short.

That, I believe, sums everything up and brings you up to date. Now, let’s see if I can keep things that way, so that I don’t have to do another one of these catch-up posts in June!


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