Blind Flyer – Maybe I’m Dreaming

Yesterday was amazing! We spent the morning in a very relaxed “do-your-own-thing” way. Then we hit the beach club and that’s when the title of Owl City’s album began to float through my head: Maybe I’m Dreaming
rows of clean white lounge chairs lined up with alternating shady umbrellas for the sun-sensitive.
towels and ice water available at your convenience.
bright sun, heated pool, quiet serenity.
And when we got down to the sandy beach, Poppop and I walked down to the water’s edge and strolled along. I could have stayed there forever…
salt in the air, sand in my hair.
cool surf splashing on my toes.
making footprints, stepping in footprints, messing up footprints, following footprints.
ocean breeze.
no trash or debris on that white sand.
water that is bright blue with light turquoise accents.
sun that warms and tans but never burns.
When we got back to the club house we soaked up the sun for a little while, then hit the club cafe for some lunch. Cool iced lemonade for the three of us. 🙂 I got the portabella panini which included brie and pesto, which happen to be two favorites of mine. Yum!

When duty called, we headed home. The rest of the day was spent in finishing up my work and preparing a superb dinner for Doug & Sally McEvoy – friends of Poppop and Nana’s who are the nicest people you’ll meet. From the moment I met them I loved them; from the first joke to the last laugh, I wanted them to stay the weekend. I had the best time! Hopefully this new acquaintance will prove most beneficial. McEvoys – I appreciate you. I hope to see you again sometime very soon! 🙂

– wake up, this is just a dream.
– cancel wedding plans for McKee Gardens – no one will fly down for it.
– start saving up for a Petrov piano.
– convince Poppop to plant thyme here in Vero.
– buy toaster oven and keep in bedroom at home. 😀  (half-joking…)
– start prayer notebook like Poppop, and begin a steady routine.
– learn how to play bridge so you can be just as cool as Poppop and Nana one day.
– remember to invite Doug&Sally to your wedding.
– do laundry (because you didn’t bring your duffel and are almost out of “mix-and-match” items).
– teach Poppop how to make baked oatmeal (because you remember…right?)
– convince Dad to name our wireless networks something fun like Poppop did (now connected to “bobo the monkey”…for real!).

Bunches of daisies from me to you!
Keep it real  –


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