Blind Flyer – Gone Fishing!


  • Continued new routine of coffee and devotions with Poppop in his office. I’m learning, being encouraged, and practicing praying spontaneously. It’s fun and worthy! Win win.
  • Did some writing while eating my banana and peanut butter. Poppop reads the paper after breakfast, but when he was done we did the best thing…are you ready?
  • We went fishing! I could have left a note on the counter that said, “Gone fishing”, but forgot…Anyway it was amazing. We fished right on the beach, casting our lines into the ocean – well, Poppop did most of the casting because I don’t exactly have a knack for it yet. We even used live shrimp as bait, which made it feel really authentic. Watching Poppop in action as he masterfully baits a hook, plants the pole stand, casts a line, or deftly reels it in is amazing. I just wanted to take a million pictures of him – unfortunately, I was having too much fun to pick up my camera until the end when we packed up. Oh well. 🙂

For the record, we did not catch anything.
Woman at the club: “Did you catch anything?”
Poppop: “No, we went fishing, not catching.”
The woman looked amused and confused, but I was cracking up. Classic Poppop. 😀

  • Ran errands with Nana after we got back and had some lunch. We picked up a few gifts, hit Kilwin’s for some killer ice cream (salted caramel – yes please!) and awesome oldie’s music outside. When we were done we visited Uncle Adam at his office. I haven’t seen him in forever, much less had a decent conversation with him, which made it really special. He is so much fun! Unfortunately, we didn’t have long to stay, but the time we did spend with him was well worth the drive. I hope he comes up to visit sometime soon. 🙂
  • When we got home I jumped in the pool! Singing underwater is a lot harder than it sounds…
  • Took a nap, read a little of my book, and joined Poppop on the couch as we watched an episode of Law and Order. I’ve never seen a whole episode before, but it was really interesting! Nana made salmon, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a green salad for dinner. We sat down to a lovely Erev Shabbat dinner, and I got to explain a little of what we do each week. It was special that, at the same time, I knew my family back in Charlotte was entering into Shabbat as well.

Shavuah tov (good week)!
Keep it real –


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