Blind Flyer – Oil and Wine

new found loves:
– painting!
– large groups of people doing the same thing. I feel like we’re in it together.
– Audrey, our art teacher, and her assistant from Germany. (*love* that accent!)
– the readily available coffee at every turn. Not bad…
– the rush I get being walked out on the dancefloor.
– dancing
– Lucy at our table. Dear, dear woman.

what i found interesting:
– forget turpentine. The newest way to get oil paint off is with Listerine.
– how did i get paint on my hands, arms, elbows, and face?
– got asked no less than four times whether I was going to college or not. I think my answer was surprising to most, but I enjoyed explaining my mindset. I’m starting to get this down. 🙂
– live music – really, really loud, and doesn’t sound so great from an adjoining room.
– watching all these old people (no offense) dancing to Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling”. Wow. I will never unsee that.
– the beauty but complete uselessness of a lobster’s shell.
– hearing Poppop describe what a mussel tastes like. Interesting…

things i disliked:
– realizing I can’t bring my painting back home because it won’t fit in my bag. 😦
– missing Scott’s birthday party – my one other chance to see my Florida family.
– being, I think, the only one not eating the famed lobster at the Spring Fling.
– large table + loud band = not easy to make conversation.
– having to leave. I was having fun.
– not being able to make havdalah with my family. I did wish Poppop and Nana a good week, though. 😉
– that time is passing WAY too quickly here. I leave on Monday!

I’m going to miss all this. Good thing I’m taking lots of pictures so I remember it all! 😀
Keep it real –


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