You Know What Still Gets Me?

   A “muffin” refers to an English muffin, not a pastry case muffin.
The dishwasher is almost never full! With just three people it rarely needs to be run.
That Poppop’s morning devotion routine is not swayed by late nights or weekends.
That the bed fills up nearly the entire guest room. 😀 Haha! I know I’ve mentioned it before, but, like I said, it still gets me!
I continue to forget that the bathroom has a sliding door, so I get freaked out every time I walk in and can’t find the door.
We might not fill our days with stuff to do, but I haven’t been bored once this trip. My kind of vacation. 🙂
I still haven’t quite placed where East is, the windows are all so high here that I can’t see where the sun is rising or setting – there’s always a warm light coming from…somewhere.
Dinners tend to be pretty short without Dad recapping the work day for us. 😉
The bowl of bright yellow lemons on the counter is fake. I almost tried to zest one…oops!
Daisy really does understand what we’re saying, and is very obedient. She still barks when I come in the house, but I prefer to think that’s just a greeting, not a warning/alarm.
I learned from Nana that Florida used to be one of the largest cattle raising states in the USA. Everyone thinks it’s a really beachy place, but flying over it I could still see acres and acres inhabited only by cows. Pretty funny!

Keep it real –


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