Blind Flyer – Angels We Have Heard On High

I went to church. ūüôā

I haven’t been to church since I visited Poppop and Nana in Virginia last year. Here’s some stuff that left an impression:
– Pastor Malone is a VERY enthusiastic speaker. As his wife says, “He shows us how interesting things can be.”
– Church starts at 10:30 now…what happened to the good ol’ days? ūüėČ
– The moment I realised I’d been paying attention the entire time and he was wrapping up the sermon.
– The size of their bulletins – they must be printed on legal paper or something!
–¬†Everyone¬†uses nametags. There’s actually a¬†huge stand with¬†all these¬†well-made¬†nametags hanging on it! I didn’t see one for Squicciarini…
– Surprisingly good coffee.
– Everyone I met was extremely friendly and conversational.
– Noticing the care several people took in helping out Marcy, a blind woman who attends Christ The King.

It was¬†a good experience. The reason I titled this “Angels We Have Heard On High” is because the sermon focused a lot on angels: the different types of angels, the appearance of angels, the different roles angels play in the scriptures, and the reminder in Hebrews that the angels were made a footstool at His (Messiah’s) feet. Pastor Malone wanted to stay in the wake of Easter for a few more weeks, so the angels at the tomb were a big part of it, too.
At the end he left us all inspired with a benediction over the congregation.

After church we had lunch and went to Cliff and Judy Southard’s¬†50th anniversary party. Of course, I didn’t know anyone there, but there was¬†a couple¬†that knew me –¬†the Davises had met my family a while ago and remembered my sisters. I introduced myself to a very nice man named Bill Jerrils. He and I talked for quite some time about homeschooling, business, and the health food company he works with. His wife Elaine was a gem, and I’ve promised to tell my brother about the conversations I had with them. ūüôā

Poppop and I had the opportunity to go on a walk around the neighborhood on my last night here. Truly wonderful. The setting sun, the cool breeze that made the surrounding palm trees sway in the wind –¬†I couldn’t help but think of the verse in Psalms that says that the righteous will flourish like a palm tree.

I’ll end this with a special mention of Linda, Poppop and Nana’s new neighbor¬†– she’s renting the house down the street and we had a great conversation with her as we returned home.

One more day. ūüė¶ I’ll be sad to leave, but happy to be home. I am missing my family!
Keep it real –


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