Destination: College – Day 4

I woke up at about 7:00am this morning, rolled off my air mattress (the leg muscles one builds when one sleeps on the floor – incredible!), and quietly completed my morning routine.

Katelyn, clad in sweat pants and sweatshirt, helped me carry down my bags and walked me all the way out to my car in the 40-degree weather. The sages teach us to accompany our guests as far as possible on their journey, which usually means to at least walk them down the driveway or to their car, or suchwhat. Katelyn more than fulfilled that mitzvah, and made me feel very treasured. Especially with it being so cold.

I drove off, down TN Highway 30 East, encountered a bit of snow just before Asheville, reveled in the novelty of driving through two tunnels, bounced around in the driver’s seat to my mix CDs (complements of Joshua & Mary), and made it safely back to The Residence.

Two things worth mentioning: one, I enjoyed a delightful repast with our beloved “Aunt” Darnell in Asheville – such fun to catch up with good friends. The other, my car officially broke 100,000 miles on my return trip, and I plan to have a party celebrating that fact.

Suggestions welcome. 🙂

As much fun as it is to travel, to spend time with friends, to see place, to build memories, there certainly is no place like home.


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