Three Peas in a Pod IV

by Julianna Squicciarini

The fourth day of our journey (yesterday), was the Sabbath. It was a chilly, wet day, complete with gray sky and drizzle. Very New York. Not to stereotype…

Anyway, we prayed, we read together, we took a little drive over to Northport and walked the docks, we rested. The day ended with the lighting of our Fresh Linen candle (an emergency purchase by Peter prior to our first night in that hotel, due to the unsavory odor) and dinner at Friendly’s, a diner made famous in our household by stories from our parents.

While I’m glad we visited New York, and wouldn’t have missed it for the world, there is some slight disappointment in the things we were unable to do because of the constraints of time or money. Like shopping Chinatown or the diamond district. Walking Central Park. Buying a hot dog from a street vendor. Riding the subway. Actually seeing the Empire State Building (where was it??). We have agreed that our next trip to the Big Apple should be with someone who knows the ropes and can show us what to do with our car and where everything famous is located.

I’m also glad, even with the unfortunate hotel room, that we stayed in Smithtown. I feel like I got a taste of my father’s younger days, and that’s always good.

Stay tuned for another post this evening, where I’ll fill you in on what we did today. 🙂


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