Three Peas in a Pod VI

by Julianna Squicciarini

While Boston was definitely one of my favorite stops, arriving in Rochester, NY, yesterday was a huge yellow highlighter on the pages of this trip. We spent the evening touring Irondequoit with our Uncle Fred, and then ate some of the best Italian food any of us have ever had (and that’s saying a lot) with him and Aunt Stephanie.

It’s always great to have someone you know in town. The driving tour of DC on Day 1 wouldn’t have happened if not for our friends there, and we would not know Irondequoit and Rochester the way we do now if not for Uncle Fred’s slightly-ADD guided tour. We agreed that it would have been wonderful to have someone like that in NYC, as we assuredly would have seen more of the city if that had been the case. Next time. 🙂

We will be spending this morning in Rochester, although we will not get the chance to see more of Uncle Fred and Aunt Steph, as they both need to work. However, they have strongly suggested adding Niagara Falls to our itinerary, so we have done so. Apparently, one of the seven wonders of the world is a “must-see”. <wink>


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