Three Peas in a Pod X & XI

by Julianna Squicciarini

Friday was a steamroller of a day, heading full speed toward Shabbat that evening. We started with a walk and shopping in downtown Paducah, featuring antique stores, artsy places, and a renowned bakery. Then, non-stop to the next event, we all piled into the car and honored Cole, the Hackett’s eldest, at his graduation awards ceremony. He received the Gamma Beta Phi Leadership Award.

Afterwards, we stopped by a dairy farm, which was quite the experience for us suburbanites. I’ve never been that close to a cow in my life. We were introduced to the ins and outs – quite literally – of cow caretaking and milking duties. Farms smell funny.

We finished up Shabbat prep at the Hackett’s home, entering in that night with much joy and gladness (it’s been a long week).

Today was a quiet, relaxing Shabbat. We visited the Hackett’s grandfather, who lives a stone’s throw away from them…actually on their property. He is quite the gem.

We danced and sang the afternoon away, finishing things up with a fine dinner and what is shaping up to be a good evening of bonding time.

We will be sorry to leave tomorrow – we’ve had a blast with the Hacketts. 🙂


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