New Beginnings

After receiving threats of unsubscription to our blog, I’ve taken it upon myself to start posting again. After all, I am the only Squicciarini girl left to post (or close)!

Reasons for this: Morgan is a Bartos now, two years running! Julianna is a Spurlock now, as of October 2012. Christine is getting married in May, and so you see, I’m the only girl left (if you remembered Peter when you read this, good for you! Check out his incredible blog here.

Congratulations to the couples and their respective spice (plural of spouse)! Another big announcement is that my eldest sister, Morgan, is pregnant with her second child!! Yay! (Please comment below as to whether you think it’s a boy or girl.)

It is going to be very difficult to update you with all the happenings (and flapawings) that you have missed since Julianna’s last post, but rest assured you will be kept in the loop from here on out. 😀

Coming soon: memoirs from Florida, where I am currently stationed.


One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Well, it’s about time someone stepped in to keep all of us who don’t tweet what’s going. No one calls, no one writes, no one visits, I guess we are forgotten here on the wild frontier at the theshhold of the swamp.

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