sub title: it’s not their fault.

For years now we have complained about our postal service.  They’re not all bad, really, just the Matthews post office. Mail something from any other location and you’ll be good to go, but if it’s within the tiny confines of the small town of Matthews, beware.

My usual comment is that our mailman (or is it politically correct to say postal worker or postman?) has to be keeping our mail. Catalogs all come on the same day in a big stack, coupons don’t show up until they’ve expired, and checks don’t arrive on time! I know that sounds like I’m over-exagerating…

So today I have a real winner: a little while ago we get this thing from the IRS (don’t get the wrong impression, it was all on the up-and-up) and Dad writes the required response. Now they’ve nicely included a return address and the return-by date, etc. making things very hard to mess up. Seems simple, so I go ahead and mail it off ‘Express’ to Dallas, Texas. But sure enough in today’s mail a big cardboard envelope shows up and it’s the very letter I mailed! Here – at our house! Morons. I was quite upset with the post office people. 😛 So I trundled down there to make my feelings clear and demand emphatically that they reimburse us and/or overnight it free of charge for our pains. However, the powers that be (or rather, the Power Who Is) had other plans. Complaints were made by me, and calls were made by Donna, the understanding and helpful postal employee. I’ll spare you the tedious details and give you the high-level: turns out that the IRS had gotten a P.O. box in TX a while back, but it expired in 2009! In fact we (the post office people and myself) were all making jokes about it because you’d really think that the IRS of all people would be on top of that sort of thing. They’ve been sending out letterheads and return envelopes with the wrong address for four years now! I can’t believe no one has mentioned this before, so I’m thinking maybe they’re just being ethical and using up the rest of their office supplies before ordering all the new stuff. 🙂 So anyway, that had expired, and their new office (or maybe it’s old and they’re just now telling people about it?) is right here in river-city!  So after a lot more paper-work and receipts and calls and confirmations and other important but confusing things, we mailed it right off to their Charlotte location and the Matthews postal employees are quite fond of me. And I don’t blame them! Not for liking me, but for making the mistake – it turned out not to be their fault, and I digress, I have been very forward with my complaints (public or private) about the Matthews postal system. Now I see that they’re not always the ones at fault, and I’m not going to talk about it anymore (good or bad, just to be on the safe side). 😉


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