Two Peas In A Pod

I’m just going to out and say it:

My sister, Julianna, and I started a podcast together! 😀

I was tempted to end this post there…but I guess I should give you a little more information. Firstly, J presented me with the idea randomly about a week ago and as soon as I heard it I said ‘yes’ – in fact I think I shouted ‘YES!’ and jumped up and down (happy people jump (sub-point: someone turn this into an anti-suicide slogan please, it’s pretty crafty.))!  What a fun idea, right? I had never thought of doing a podcast myself, but as Julianna fleshed it out (ew?) it sounded more and more doable, and I got so excited! We prepped for a week thinking about topics and questions, and this Wednesday we officially pressed record. You can listen to it on iTunes or click this link.

A little about the podcast: It’s called “UPSIDES”. We’ll probably ‘cast about why we chose that name somewhere down the road, maybe when we’re rich and famous*.
UPSIDES is basically the two of us chatting/discussing certain topics. Not world-news topics like the Royal Baby, but we’ve made a good long list of subjects which need addressing and we’re excited to share our opinions. We’ll also be discussing things that are going on in our lives (like live-blogging), so if you want to stay up-to-date with us but find you don’t have the time to read our lengthy posts (respectively), press play and give us a listen while you work. 🙂 And finally, the give and take of it all: please don’t take offense if you hear us say something a little harsh/blunt/rude/outspoken/biased (in your opinion) on our podcast – we can’t please everyone and sometimes we don’t even try. 😉 The ‘take’ is that we are really not offended if you don’t subscribe. Enjoy!

*read: you’ll never know


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