When Doctors Die

Isn’t it odd when doctors die? It’s sort of a wakeup call I think.

Dr. Norris just died.

We went to his wake – it was beautiful. The enormous room was JAM PACKED! A testimony to his life and his life’s work. What an effect. And I know of many more people who were unable to go, too. Anyway, the service was perfect. Lovely piano music was played as people poured into the room, Ecclesiastes 3 and Psalm 46:10 were read aloud, and a sweet, simple eulogy was shared. A handful of friends and family got up to share some memories. I was particularly stricken with the way nearly everyone commented on his smile. Before they knew him, some people called him “Mr. Happy”. And it’s actually the first thing I personally remember when I think of the times I went to see Dr. Norris – always happy, always upbeat, always enthusiastic and uplifting. I am so inspired! That’s the way we should all leave this world: a living inspiration to others. Another big point that struck us was how God-focused and honoring the whole ceremony was. Again, many people mentioned that every single one of his visits/sessions were started with a humble prayer that God would work through him and reveal to him what was needed. What is particularly wonderful about this is that I can attest to it – it’s one of my only memories from the few visits I took to his office – he prayed.

Everyone trusted him. He was loyal. He was passionate. When people asked what he did, he would say, “I try to keep people out of hospitals.” (an advocate of alternative healthcare). Some people called him crazy.
He wanted to help – he did help.

His loving wife Evelyn was incredibly strong through the whole thing. I couldn’t believe how calm she seemed, how totally at ease she was as she gently related her memories and feelings about the man she loved (loves). Married for nine years. Loving and respectful, she went on and on until these last words broke me down and I couldn’t hold the tears back any longer.

“The few years I had with him were worth waiting a lifetime for.”

I’ve never met a more caring man. The world has lost a great physician.


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